Paint Me a Song
is a collection of original songs beautifully written and sung by Lynnette with arrangements and harmonies by Karen...

"An inspiring fully original acoustic album with great vocal harmonies performed a cappella as well as with a unique variety of instruments and styles including Americana, folk, jazz, country, and Gospel."
Copyright © VillanelleMusic  2015
"a harmonious vocal and instrumental blend 
of contemporary and traditional folk, 
a cappella, and inspirational music"
Santa Cruz, California
Lynnette Mello  

Karen Rodriguez

March 24, 2015 in the early rounds...
Songwriter's Showcase 
Britannia Arms of Capitola

March 28, 2015
 Karen and Lynnette at KSCO Radio
Ken Capitanich of  
Mars Recording Studio

Yogi Tea
written by Lynnette Mello
written by Lynnette Mello
Copyright ©VillanelleMusic 2020
Lynnette & Karen
 Bear Creek Studio

Ukulele Band
written by Lynnette Mello
September 18, 2015
Lynnette and Karen on KKUP 91.5FM
with David Stafford, DJ
September 19, 2015
Lynnette and Karen at 
Malone's Grille in Scotts Valley, CA
November 7, 2015
Lynnette and Karen in a concert featuring songs from PAINT ME A SONG, and other new tunes, held at Calvary Chapel, Aptos, CA.
...November 7, 2015...

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An acoustic collection of original country/folk and Americana songs with Appalachian influence featuring vocal harmonies, accompanied by a wide variety of musical instruments.

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Lynnette Mello & Karen J. Rodriguez
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Villanelle began in the fall of 2011
 after Lynnette and Karen met at a local Santa Cruz nursing home where Lynnette was Activities Director, and where Karen's mother lived for a time. 

    They soon discovered that they not only had similar
 musical backgrounds and knew many of the same songs, but that their voices blended beautifully.   Having a similar compassion for people in hospice care, they began by singing a cappella for room-bound residents in two part harmonies as well as performing for groups,  now expanding to include assisted living residences, and public venues. 

Lynnette and Karen perform a wide variety of styles, 
 including jazz, Celtic folk, traditional American folk, country and Gospel.   A variety of instruments are used during their program, including guitar, piano, dulcimer, concertina, flute, recorder, ukulele, and autoharp, giving each tune its own unique sound, creatively arranged with great vocal harmonies.

             "Villanelle" performs a refreshingly diverse assortment of songs, uniquely arranged to create a wonderful musical experience for all ages that is beautiful, harmonious, inspirational 
and fun!

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Villanelle at Brittania Arms...March 2019
Early days...
Copyright © VillanelleMusic  2015
Local TV 2017...
...Our Journey...
"Light Path"  is written by Lynnette Mello
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