Harold Shelton

    Harold Shelton passed away November 1, 1999, 
but left a legacy of incomparable art.  
As a painter and sculptor, among other vast interests that kept his efforts in the arts, Harold Shelton in his last years created wonderful Western Art sculptures. 
The "Journey to the Spirit World" depicts the story of an native American's life from birth to death, and passage into the spirit world. 
"Defender of the Dakota"
 is also a magnificent piece.  These were among six pieces that were done in the EPIC OF THE PLAINS INDIANS series,  commissioned  by the National Heritage Collectors Society.   All other bronzes 
were created apart from the collection.  
17 1/4"h x 21"w x 11"d  
 Irregular Base-17"w x 10"L

Rear View...
Rear Views...
~"Journey to the Spirit World"~
24"h x 35"w x 17"d
115 lbs.
Cast in bronze, highlighted in metal paint

~~The following were done apart from the National Heritage Collectors Society commission~~
 approx 4 ft. high
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~"Defender of the Dakota"~

Right side view...
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